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Miracle of Magnet Therapy

1. I, Babulal Dey, today would like to share my journey of getting benefited from Magnet Therapy and would like others, suffering from critical ailments, also to get cured through this treatment.

2. Twenty five years ago, one day suddenly, after having woken up I was unable to stand on my feet and there was literally no sensation below my waist till my feet along with extreme pain. I was immediately rushed and referred four renowned orthopedic doctors in Burdwan during tenure for more than six months. My body had been into L shape as my right hip bone had dislocated and moved up. To relieve pressure on the spine and skeletal system for temporary basis, I was given pain killers along with "traction". Three family members had to carry me on their shoulders daily for even a slightest movement. Then one day through one of my friends, Mani Dutta, I came to know of "Sanyasi Dalal" who worked at collector's office in Burdwan. He introduced me to this new therapy of Magnets and he confidently assured of "guaranteed" cure of my medical condition which on the other hand the renowned doctors had declared was "impossible" and that I have to remain in traction throughout my life.

3. I started taking Magnet Therapy right from the next moment. I was given a magnet massager, magnet belt and one electromagnet. I was not prescribed any oral medicine. Not even ayurvedic or homeopathic. I used to visit Sanyasi Dalal daily for treatment and the duration used to stretch only half an hour to maxium one hour. Within two weeks I realized that there was slight decrease in my pain and my hip joint swelling. As days passed and close to three months 30 percent and then post six months my pain and swelling had diminished to more than 50 percent. Initially I used to be carried in a vehicle to reach the chamber but after six months to my own surprise I used to walk and reach the chamber on my own! The dislocated joint had slowly located itself back through this wonderful therapy. I always wondered "How? How was this possible when medical science had failed to cure my ailment?". During the entire tenure of my treatment, I not only got "Completely" cured but also learnt and mastered this therapy from the doctor. I would like to cite two cases where I had taken care of a boy in early 90's named Sanjiv Bhattacharya. He is the son of Sadhan Bhattacharya at Burdwan Town Hall locality. Sanjiv was a cricketer studying in Municipal Boy's School during that time. Out of a suden he was diagnosed with knee effusion wherein the accumulated fluid from both his knee joint had to be taken out every week by doctors to relieve him from his excruciating pain. Feeling helpless and on recommendation from Mohitosh Banerjee, the then HOD Zoology Department, Burdwan University, Sadhon Bhattacharya had approached me. Mr. sadhon Bhattacharya used to carry Sanjiv on both his hand and bring him to my chamber for his treatment twice daily. I started Magnet Therapy upon Sanjiv and within two months he was back on his feet without any further allopathic treatment! My faith and conviction in this therapy deepened from there on.

Mr. C.P. saxena - present DIG of BSF had fallen down from a hill unknowingly during his field work in 2004. He was completely bed ridden, post that incident with his speech and body movement reduced to almost nil. Through one of his close associate in Islampur, Burdwan he reached me at my chamber one day for his treatment. Thereupon, I visited him everyday at his Coochbehar 13th Battalion tent and put him to magnetic coil, magnetic bed therapy along with magnetic water treatment. Again within few weeks, this wonderful therapy cured DIG saheb completely and he revived back his normal speech and body movement. He was so impressed and happy that he took me to various places such as Guwahati, Aizwal, Mizoram, Jabbalpur, Bhopal, Habibganj, Tripura and many more for giving lectures on magnet treatment and also for treating critical patients including jawans and their families.

4. Today I am 73 years old and completely healthy and I do not fear to cure any patient with any disease. I have treated many other patients myself using this therapy and most of them have got completely cured. Magnetic therapy is very effective in removing cancerous cells as well - which I declare with complete faith. My wish is that this treatment is recognized all over the world and remains for ever.

During treatment in this therapy, no side effect and no other cost except purchase of only two magnet. All the person/patients Health improvement wanting person use this miracle therapy except those who are pacemaker and pregnant lady. Thanks to this therapy.

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